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Whenever Craig Hummer and whoever happens to be hosting with him talks about Ben Jones, the word “heart” always comes up.
It is widely accepted that Ben Jones of New South Wales, Australia has the biggest heart in the sport. He simply loves what he does and shows his emotions in a profound way.
With his missing front tooth, the Aussie’s smile might be intimidating to some, but he’s always saying how thankful he is to the fans for their support and how much he loves the sport of bull riding.
The best part about him?
His dancing.
Every time he successfully posts a score on a bull…he dances.
It’s the most legit dance ever. I want to learn it.
It never ceases to put a smile on my face.
I even started a facebook fan page dedicated to his EPIC dance.
Here’s a couple videos of him.

This one is one of my favorites. Because the bull fighters are trying to protect him…and you can see he’s a little dazed…but all he wants to do is dance. Haha.

While his riding stats aren’t that impressive, (only 1 career event win with 5 90+ point rides and a riding percent of 34.44%), he’s definitely one of the PBR’s most colorful characters.