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Today, I went to the mailbox and received my August/September issue of Pro Bull Rider, which is the official magazine of the PBR.
Literally, every time that I get it, I saw out loud, “Oh, HELL yeah!”
I get so excited when I see this magazine in my mailbox.
I read that, Western Horseman and Horse Illustrated. That’s about it. Haha.
Crazed? Probably. Ashamed? NEVER.

Every month, they do a spotlight feature on a bull. This month’s feature was on Hank (Jeff Robinson).
Ok, let me just say now that ever since I saw him, I KNEW that he would grow to be a great bull.
Even when last year he had a pretty mediocre season, I’ve been saying FOREVER that he’s one of the rankest in the PBR.
Seriously. I’ve always said that.

The article was 2 pages long and included a full spread of the bull.

Here’s some background stats on him:
• His official name is Blue Emu Hank, but he is soon to be renamed by a fan. Whoever’s name is picked gets 2 tickets to the World Finals in Vegas.
• He was sired by Yellow Jacket, and is a half brother to Little Yellow Jacket.
• He’s 6 years old, 1,700 pounds and owned by Jeff Robinson (the owner of Chicken on a Chain, Voodoo Child, I’m a Gangster…and pretty much every top bull in the PBR) who bought him from L&G Cattle Company from Texas.
• He’s been ridden 11/45 career outs and 9/34 BFTS outs.
• He’s only been ridden 1/14 BFTS outs this year.
• The highest scores posted on him were two 90.25 point rides by Renato Nunes at Fresno ’10 and McKennon Wimberly at the Touring Pro Event in Las Vegas ’10.
• His highest bull score came from an out against World Number 1 Silvano Alves at Las Vegas ’11 with a score of 45.50.

While his career high score may not sound too impressive, the speed with which he bucks guys off is.
• He’s had 21 outs where he bucked the rider off in under 4.00 seconds.
• Of those, 9 riders were bucked off in less than 2.00 seconds.
• His fastest buck off time was against Fabiano Vieira at Albuquerque ’11 with a time of 1.29 seconds.
The article, written by James Drew, talks about Hank’s unique bucking style.
Chris Shivers, the two-time World Champion, had a hard time describing Hank’s bucking style. So did his owner, Jeff Robinson.

Shivers said, “I don’t know if I can describe it either. The bull’s got a weird move out of the chutes. His head goes left, but his body moves out the other way toward the arena.”

Cody Lambert, the Livestock Director of the PBR, had this to say:
“Hank’s definitely got a different style. All of those Yellow Jacket calves have that in them. They push off hard with their front feed, pushing themselves backwards. But Hank does it to the extreme. He pushes himself backward as he turns to the left. His front feet land in the same tracks where his back feet started from, so he whips them over the front. He would jerk them down on his head if his head was still there, but he does a u-turn so they get slung off the side of the spin. He’s got some real speed when he does that.”

The last rider to successfully stay on before Billings last month was Ben Jones who rode him for 89.25 points in 2010 at Uncasville.

So let’s switch back to my thoughts.
Not only is this bull big, rank and mean…he’s gorgeous.
I think he’s one of the prettiest bulls in the PBR.

I don’t take the credit for either one of these pictures…they’re just ones I found online.

He’s also one of the meanest bulls. The bull fighters definitely have to be on their toes whenever Hank’s in the arena.

Here’s some videos of Hank for you to decide for yourself.

Video of Hank OWNING Robson Palermo with an awesome break-down by Ty Murray.