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So I thought I’d write a post as a tribute to the top 20 bulls in the PBR right now. I’ll do the ones on their website, then fill in for the inactive bulls (bulls that are no longer bucking). I’ll also put up some highlights of their careers. The link to the list of top bulls is Bulls of the PBR.
This is a work-in-progress entry, as 10 bulls is a lot to write about.

1. 13/6 Bushwacker.
Ok, I’m going to be COMPLETELY honest here. I’m obsessed with this bull. He’s AMAZING. There’s only one magazine picture on my walls in my room…and it’s a picture of him.

He’s a son of Reindeer Dippin’, one of the greatest bulls of all time. He was only ridden 5 times out of 98 outs. That’s a buckoff percentage of 94.9% over a 6-year career. Pretty DANG impressive.
And let me just go on a tangent here because this bull has some of the most impressive stats I’ve ever seen.
He had 28 47.00+ point outs.
Of those, 15 were 48.00+ point outs.
And of those, he had 3 49.00 point outs.
THREE. That’s 49.00/50.00. AMAZING.
And the two rides that riders managed to get on him were impressive. He was ridden for 83.00 with a bull score of 39.00 by Helton Barbosa at Del Mar, CA in ’08, which is pretty awful, but this was already at the end of his career.
The one real score that he had was when L.J. Jenkins rode him for 93.00 points in Laughlin in ’05 with a bull score of 46.00
LJ is one of my heroes. I saw him ride a bull for 92.00 in Colorado Springs ’11…and got to meet him and give him 2 hugs, but that’s another story for another time.

ANYWAYS…back to Bushwacker.
Since October 2009 (World Finals), this bull has not been ridden.
Every time I know he’s going to buck…I’m glued to my tv/computer. I literally told my best friend to shut up when he was bucking…that’s how much I love this bull.
He was born in 2005, started bucking in 2009 in the PBR and is owned by Julio Moreno Bucking Bulls. Before that, he won $250,000 in the American Bucking Bull Industry’s futurity events. (Evenths that look for the up-and-coming bulls in the industry). He’s an American Bucking Bull.
His first professional out against Chad Denton in Santa Barbara ’09 was 48.00, which happens to be his highest marked score in his career thusfar.
He has never gotten a score below 43.00, and in 2011, he hasn’t gotten a score below 45.25.
In his entire career, he’s only been ridden 2/41 times, following in the footsteps of his daddy.
His fastest buckoff time: Elliot Jacoby in Fort Worth ’09 with a time of 1.10 and a score of 45.50.
I honestly don’t think that this bull is going to be ridden this year.
What makes him so different is how big he is, and how quiet he is in the chutes. He never bucks, or rears or anything, He’s real quiet until that gate opens and then he EXPLODES. His belly rolls and kicks are legendary. He doesn’t even wait for his back feet to hit the ground before his front feet are up in another jump.
The NY times has even written an article on him.

Here’s some videos of this amazing athlete.

2. 05 Bones – Inactive.
Owned by Teague Bucking Bulls LLC, he is now retired. In his career, he was only ridden 5 out of 45 attempts, which is a 88.89% buckoff rate with an average score of 91.88.
He was unridden in both 2007 and 2008.
3 out of the 4 scores on him were 91+ point rides.
There have been two scores of 93+ on him.
He’s had 5 47+ point outs.
He was the World Champion Bucking Bull as voted by the PBR riders in both 2008 and 2010.

Top scores:
93.50 – J.B. Mauney in OKC ’09 with a bull score of 46.25.
93.25 – Pete Farley at the World Championships ’09 with a bull score of 45.75.
91.25 – Shane Proctor at NYC ’10 with a bull score of 44.50.

Here’s a video talking about Bones.

3. 404 I’m A Gangster (a.k.a. Uncle Buck)
Born in 2004, started bucking in 2008. He’s owned by Jeff Robinson, one of the best stock breeders and contractors in the business.
He’s only been ridden 3/66 times with a buckoff rate of 95.45%. He’s never been ridden on the BFTS.
Although he doesn’t score as high as Bushwacker, he’s super rank and dumps guys with ease. He’s also pretty nasty in the chute. J.B. Mauney almost got disqualified for taking so long in the chute when he wouldn’t calm down in Tampa ’11.

Fastest Buckoffs:
1.89 – J.B. Mauney – Tampa ’11 with a bull score of 46.25.
1.40 – Cody Campbell at the World Finals ’09 with a score of 45.50.
1.30 – Pete Farley at the World Finals ’09 with a score of 43.75.

Unfortunately, he was injured in San Antonio, but still managed to buck off Fabiano Vieira in 7.6 seconds with a score of 44.50. It’s truly a testament to this bull’s athletic ability to have one leg hurt and still manage to keep a rider off of his back for the full 8 seconds and manage to get a pretty impressive bull score. Robinson is hopeful that he will be able to compete at the World Finals in October.

4. 644 Code Blue – Inactive.
Owned by WW Bucking Bulls, he’s only been ridden 2/33 outs in his career with a buckoff rate of 93.94%.
He’s retired now. He didn’t really get that many impressive bull scores, but the guys just never seemed to be able to figure him out. He’s just a huge bull with a lot of muscle and a really high kick with some intense belly rolls.

High Scores:
47.50 – Austin Meier – World Championships ’09 with a buckoff time of 6.50 seconds.
47.00 – Robson Palermo – Duluth ’09  with a buckoff time of 5.20 seconds.

5. K93 Super Duty (a.k.a. Major Payne) – Inactive Due to Injury
Owned by Jeff Robinson/Bar None/Segs/Skyhawk Rugs/Red Knection
Only ridden 4/64 times with a buckoff rate of 93.75%.
This bull is HUGE and STRONG with a big ‘ol hump to boot.
His high score was against Reese Cates in Rapid City ’09 with a score of 47.00.
The speed with which this bull has bucked off riders is amazing. He’s bucked off 19 riders in under 2.00 seconds.

Fastest Buckoff Times:
1.97 – Cory Melton – Denver ’09 – 45.00
4 x 1.90 – Shane Proctor – St. Louis ’11 – 43.50
Jason O’Hearn – Charlottesville ’10 – 45.00
Kasey Hayes – Uncasville ’10 – 45.75
Ben Jones – Columbus ’10 – 46.00
1.85 – Francisco Morales – Rapid City ’09 – 46.00
2 x 1.80 – Brendon Clark – Nampa ’09 – 44.50
Shane Proctor – Tulsa ’09 – 43.75
6 x 1.70 – Bryan Richardson – NYC ’10 – 44.00
Shane Proctor – St. Louis ’10 – 43.50
Shane Proctor – Greenville ’10 – 46.25
Cody Campbell – New Orleans ’10 – 45.75
Renato Nunes – World Finals ’10 – 46.00
Clayton Foltyn – World Finals ’08 – 46.00
1.61 – Chance Roberts – Lexington ’09 – 46.50
1.60 – Chris Shivers – World Finals ’09 – 45.00
1.30 – Sean Willingham – Arlington ’10 – 44.50
and the most impressive…1.00 seconds – Josh Koschel – World Finals ’09 – 44.75

Super Duty was a very strong contender for Bucking Bull of the Year until he injured his stifle (tendon) in his left hind leg after hanging his leg in the gate during an out. Although he is doing better, he is not expected to compete in the World Finals as of now.

6. +123 Voodoo Child – Inactive
Owned by Jeff Robinson/Beutler/Bar None/McNeely/Broken N-N
Born in 2007, starting bucking in 2002.
Only ridden 5/98 outs in his career with a buckoff rate of 94.9%. His average ride score was 91.85.
This bull is literally one of the greatest bulls of all time. He had 4 straight 48.00 pt outs in 2008.
An <a href=”http://www.teampbr.com/index.cfm/pk/view/cd/NAA/cdid/1035275/pid/400025″>article</a href> written about him when Jeff Robinson retired him this year in July.
I will truly miss seeing this bull buck. The amount of power he had and how smart he was truly made him unique.
He also scored two 49.00 point outs in 2008 against Colin McTaggart in Lawton ’08 and Bobby Welsh at the WNFR in ’08.

High Scores:
91.00 – Ben Jones – NYC ’11
93.50 – J.B. Mauney – Greenville ’10
94.00 – L.J. Jenkins – Glendale ’10
94.50 – Justin McBride – Tulsa ’08

Fastest Buckoffs:
1.70 – Chris Clover – Woodwork ’07 (PRCA) – 48.00
1.52 – Jimmy Crosby – Lawton ’07 – 46.00

7. CC Chicken on a Chain
Owned by Jeff Robinson/Mike Tedesco/Larry the Cable Guy.
That’s right, folks. Larry the Cable Guy has a part ownership in a bull. In fact, he also shares ownership in  Git R Done and Booger Butt. You learn something new every day, right?
Anyways, Chicken has been ridden 31/122 outs and has a buckoff rate of 74.59%.
Early in his career, Chicken was really rank…like hardly anyone could ride him. However, as he grew older, his bucking got to follow more of a rhythm and guys started posting scores on him…BIG scores.
He’s had 17 47.00+ outs.
of those were 48.00+.

Highest Scores:
91.25 x 3 – Paulo Lima – Greenville ’10
Dustin Elliot – Glendale ’10
Renato Nunes – World Championships ’08
91.50 – J.B. Mauney – Ashville ’11
91.75 x 3
– Renato Nunes – Pueblo ’10
Renato Nunes – Billings ’10
J.B. Mauney – NYC ’09
 – Dustin Elliot – Glendale ’10
 – Zack Brown – Nashville ’09
– Zack Brown – Albuquerque ’09
 – Justin McBride – Auburn Hills ’07
 – Willy Ropp – Manchester ’06
 – Renato Nunes – St. Louis ’08


8. 404C RMEF Gunpowder & Lead
Not only is this a GREAT song by Miranda Lambert, but it’s also the name of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s top bull.
This bull hasn’t ever really posted any scores above a 46.00, but what makes him special is how consistent he is at producing 90+ point rides. As you can see above, Chicken on a Chain’s 90+ point rides have come over the span of 6 years. Gunpowder & Lead has managed to put out 6 91+ point rides in just 2 short years.
He’s a bull the guys regularly pick because although he bucks and kicks hard…he’s rideable…and produces HUGE scores.

Highest Scores:
91.00 – Robson Palermo – Tampa ’11
91.25 – Robson Palermo – World Finals ’10
92.00 – Renato Nunes – Fresno ’11
92.25 – LJ Jenkins – Albuquerque ’11
92.50 – Robson Palermo – Saskatoon ’10
93.25 – Robson Palermo – Pueblo ’11
93.50 – Robson Palermo – Milwaukee ’11

Obviously, Robson has this bull figured out.